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Size Chart & Measurements Guide Malaysia (Inches)


  1. All measurements above subject to +/- 0.5 tolerance
  2. Tapered curve bottom at the back specially designed for athletic movements, enhancing flexibility and performance.
  3. Half chest to be measured from left to right seam, 1" down from the armpit joint.
  4. Half waist to be measured from left to right seam on the waist line.
  5. Shirt length to be measured from the highest tip of the shoulder to the bottom hem.

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Cutting Style Size / Length Half Chest Length (Inches) Half Waist Length (Inches) Shirt Length (Inches)
Unisex Athletic-Fit 2XS 17" 17" 24"
Unisex Athletic-Fit XS 18" 18" 25"
Unisex Athletic-Fit S 19" 19" 26"
Unisex Athletic-Fit M 20" 20" 27"
Unisex Athletic-Fit L 21" 21" 28"
Unisex Athletic-Fit XL 22" 22" 29"
Unisex Athletic-Fit 2XL 23" 23" 30"