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The Prize

Top 20 Men and Top 20 Women Prize Money (10KM)

Position 10km Men 10km Women
1st RM 350 RM 350
2nd RM 300 RM 300
3rd RM 250 RM 250
4th - 10th RM 100 each RM 100 each
11th - 20th RM 80 each RM 80 each

  • The Prize money is for 10km Category; for both Top 20 Men and Top 20 Women;
  • Prize winners must report to the designated area or prize giving counter. In the event potential winner fails to register within 15 minutes after crossing finishing line, the organiser have sole and absolute discretion to forfeit the winning prize;
  • All prize-winning participants are required to produce their supporting documents on verification of identity in order to collect prize money. Beside passport (foreigner) or identity card (Malaysian), other supporting documents including but not limited to driving license, flight itinerary, hotel reservation, bio data, etc. must be provided upon request;